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Welcome to My Blog

A little about me . . .


As an elementary music educator for 30 years in the public school system in Nashville, Tennessee, I had the privilege of being a part of the lives of thousands of children. My mission for my classroom was three-fold —

Provide ALL students with a safe, non-threatening, and welcoming environment.
Provide students with experiences from a solid, standards-based, sequential curriculum that encouraged a love and appreciation for music from all cultures.
Instill students with a desire to become lifelong learners of music.

Sharing My Experience

When I retired from the classroom, I was encouraged by others to make available the many things I created and developed through the years—resources, lesson plans, Powerpoint lessons/games, posters, and most importantly, my methods, through my store at Teachers Pay Teachers. All of my resources are NOW available on this website as well. I have also been an Independent Side-by-Side Coach, working with elementary music teachers in my district and across the country, via email, on-site visits, and virtual coaching sessions. I was part of the curriculum design team (Design Editor) for the Rivers of Rhythm Educational Component of the National Museum for African American Music.

Mrs. Aston's High Notes Facebook page primarily promotes quality elementary music education including ideas, resources, and research from others that will not only benefit new teachers but also give veteran teachers new ways to teach.

Who I Am

I am the grandmother of two beautiful children who live close to me. I am involved in all of their activities and am thoroughly enjoying this new and wonderful stage of my life. They keep me busy, as does my little dog (what was I thinking?!). 

Fun part of the COVID shutdown—my husband and I got to teach our grands their "specials" classes every afternoon. Music, Art, Computers, Private Lessons (piano, flute, ukulele, recorder), and Gardening! They live across the street and came over every day! Livin' the Life!

So, even though retired, I continue to use my teaching skills in a variety of ways—from teaching my grandchildren, mentoring teachers, and trying to teach my puppy! 

I have been blessed to have many mentors and special people in my life. I have a wonderful church family and praise God for the wealth of experiences in life that have helped me grow spiritually each day. 

As teachers of children, we have a responsibility to be the best we can possibly be.

I will continue to learn and share as long as I am able to do so.

May God bless you as He continues to bless me.

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