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That squeaky wheel . . .

Ever hear your students say . . . 

"This is boring!" "Why do we have to do that?" "I hate music class." "I'm NOT going to do that!" Are your squeaky wheels getting oiled first?

Are you continually putting out fires?

Are behavior and attitude problems driving your car instead of your mission/vision? Is the majority of your class suffering because of the time you spend dealing with the problems?

Here are a few quick and easy fixes . . . 

Assign Seats

This will eliminate a multitude of problems immediately. Seriously! Don't flinch. Just do it. Put circle dot stickers on the chairs (or use your carpet squares or floor carpet colors) and number them consecutively, right to left, low to high. Then assign the seats in alphabetical order. Students are to enter the room quietly and find their seat. No more fighting over chairs. You can easily check roll by seeing which chairs are empty. You will learn names quicker. And you can assess easier. Win-Win!

When students refuse to participate . . .

Be ready with a self-directed packet of materials, pencil, paper, etc. and designated place for students to work because they will absolutely choose to do that. Be sure they know they can re-join the group when they agree to participate and do so without complaining or disrupting. Also be sure they know you will send a note home informing their parents of their decision.

Be fair and respectful but never allow the few to destroy for the majority. Nip it in the bud! Help children learn how to own their behavior, be responsible, and make good choices. This is an important life skill!

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