All coaching sessions are flexible and based on the needs of the
individual teacher. The session descriptions are negotiable and will be finalized after personal communication between coach and teacher(s).

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Janis Aston,

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What is a Virtual Coach?

How great would it be if you had almost unlimited access to your coach via online Facetime sessions, emails, chats, texts, etc? You can sign up for a 3-, 6-, or 12-month plan and design your coaching sessions to meet your needs. I have found that finding times to meet with teachers is very difficult. Many teach private music lessons after school, have many other responsibilities, and honestly, are just too exhausted to spend another hour thinking, talking, and planning.

When my husband began teaching middle school band after 30 years in the corporate world (another story), we would talk in our separate cars while driving to our schools. He would ask me a million questions and has expressed that helped him get through each day more than anything else.

All teachers need positive feedback, a pat on the back, someone to tell them they are doing a great job, and just to feel appreciated. If you are in need of any or all of those things, please consider signing up for some virtual coaching sessions with me! I thoroughly enjoy helping new teachers and also experienced teachers find their purpose and drive to make it through each day.

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