Unit 4 Elementary Music Lesson Plans

Unit 4Elementary Music Lesson Plans are based on the National Standards for Elementary Music. These lesson plans include Student Performance Indicators and Essential Question posters. You will be prepared for any Teacher Evaluations.


Amazing unit to complete a 4-unit set of lesson plans for a year.


OVER 200 pages!


• 75 Lesson Plans, K-4th (5th) grade

INDEX of songs, activities, games, dances

• Extensive instructions

• Posters

• Song sheets

• Assessments


Lessons for evaluations that will WOW your evaluator.


These lesson plans are from my Curriculum Bundle. So many people asked me to provide plans with alternate sources from the MacMillan and Silver Burdett series that I reference, that I took all of those plans and I've revised them. They now have extensive instructions, resources, posters, etc. I left the SB and McM references in for those teachers who have access to those series. But if you do not, the INDEX gives you links to finding all of the songs and activities. Because of copyright laws, I cannot include the sheet music for everything but you can easily find them on YouTube and iTunes using the links provided in the INDEX.


Please be sure to read ALL "Read First" documents. There is a Resource Key, suggested resources, classroom environment, and my philosophy of unit planning all in the first document.


Questions? Please email me—mrsastonshighnotes@gmail.com


NOTE: I used the same lesson plans for 5th grade that I used for 4th grade with only a few changes. My school district did not supply me with any materials or resources for 5th grade general music. Because of the wealth of materials in my 4th grade curriculum, I was never able to get to everything so it worked great. If you are looking for/needing separate plans for 5th grade, you may need to look elsewhere.


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What is included—

Activity Folder

  • The Great Big Enormous Turnip
  • Scarecrow and High-Low Birds
  • Rockin-a-Rap Small Group Activity
  • There Was an Old Lady Book
  • La Raspa
  • March Past of the Kitchen Utensils
  • Introduce Music Staff, 1st-2nd Grade
  • Instrument Posters
  • Farmer in the Dell Activity
  • Compose a Musical Story Small Group Activity
  • Canon Look Outside
  • Bow-Wow-Wow Teaching Melodic Direction


Song and Music Folder

  • The Armadillo
  • Blue Bird
  • Bounce High
  • El Barquito, mp3
  • Fed My Horse
  • Fish and Chips and Vinegar
  • Hambone
  • Hey, Mister Monday
  • Old Man Mosie
  • Mr. Rabbit
  • The Second Story Window
  • Tideo

Unit 4 Elementary Music Lesson Plans

  • This item is a HUGE digital download. Be sure you have what you need to unzip this file. It works with both Mac and PC platforms. READ all the READ FIRST documents to help with organizing. Remember this contains resources, lesson plans and materials you will need for the final months of the school year!  Due to copyright restrictions it does NOT contain recorded music files. Links are provided for all music suggestions. Contact me if you have problems–mrsastonshighnotes@gmail.com