Unit 3 Elementary Music Lesson Plans

Unit 3 - Elementary Music Lesson Plans, Jan-March, based on the National Standards. These lesson plans include Student Performance Indicators and Essential Question posters. You will be prepared for any Teacher Evaluations.


Unit 3 is also part of the Curriculum Bundle which includes sequential Units 1-4, ALL resources, eBooks, recorder books, Teaching Music Reading Skills method books.


Over 100 pages of activities, songs and assessments for Unit 3. Includes extensive directions for how to teach songs, K-4th grade. Grade level and age-appropriate assessments for evaluating student progress. Five lesson plans for each grade for the second 9-week grading period!


Unit 3. Lesson plans designed for each grade, K-4(5), Jan.-March. A total of 35 plans.


Self-contained Lesson Plans for all elementary music teachers.


Especially designed for new teachers and also those teachers who do not have access to a budget, resources, and materials.


A quality music program is POSSIBLE!! See below for a complete list.


  • 100+ pages of lesson plans,
  • 18 pages of songs and teaching posters
  • 30 pages of activities, games, extensive instructions, tips, dances
  • ASSESSMENTS for all grades
  • Standards posters
  • An 8-page INDEX with links to all of the music


NOTE: Unit 4 includes bonus lessons on teaching your 2nd graders how to read the notes in the treble staff. Prepare them for learning the recorder in 3rd grade! Based on the method, Teaching Music Reading Skills, K-4. 




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Unit 3 Activity List

Video: Pal and Buddy

Video: Music Moves in Sets of 3s

Twelve Bar Blues

Three Rides

Teaching-ABA-Form-Activity Bundle

Staff Sheet and SML Balls

Rise When The Rooster Crows

Rain Song Small Group Project

Little Train of Capeira, Villa-Lobos Lesson

Lines and Spaces PPT

La Raspa


Instruments of the Orchestra Games and Posters

Follow the Drinking Gourd

Featherbed Lane

Fast-Slow Card Set 

Brass Family PPT

Abiyoyo Lesson Plan


Song Folder, 8 songs, 2-4 teaching posters for each song

Acka Backa

Bee Bee Bumblebee

Eideldum Cards

Engine No. Nine sol-mi

Minuet Play-Along


Three Rides-mp3 file

Tinker Tailor. Sol-Mi Cards


Unit 3 Song Sheets, 11 Songs

Bill Grogan’s Goat

Charlie Over the Ocean

Engine, Engine, Number Nine

Hop Old Squirrel

Jelly in the Bowl

Miss Mary Mack

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Sally, Go ‘Round the Sun

Sasara ang Bulaklak

Sol-Mi Game Music


Unit 3 Elementary Music Lesson Plans

  • This item is a HUGE digital download. Be sure you have what you need to unzip this file. It works with both Mac and PC platforms. READ all the READ FIRST documents to help with organizing. Remember this contains resources, lesson plans and materials you will need for Jan-March!  Due to copyright restrictions it does NOT contain recorded music files. Links are provided for all music suggestions. Contact me if you have problems–mrsastonshighnotes@gmail.com