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Elementary Music Unit 2 Lesson Plans

Newly updated Elementary Music Lesson Plans for your Elementary Music Classroom, based on the National Standards—Unit 2, October-December.


Maintain a solid, sequential music education program for your students while having fun during these months filled with holidays and fun from so many different cultures.


Please read this description carefully. Use of this item requires several hours of preparation and study. Worth every minute of your time! And will be an asset throughout your career. The lesson plans draw heavily from the Silver-Burdett and the MacMillan series. I am a strong believer in eyeball-to-eyeball teaching. Children needed "me," not another class on the screen. In other words, I used folk songs, dances, hands-on instruments, movement, interaction, discussion, and singing to teach the elements of music. My goal was to prepare my students for middle school ensembles while also giving them a foundation in music appreciation from all cultures and genres. If this is not what you are looking for, there are a lot of other sources that will provide you with what you need.



  • Standards documents for each grade level & posters; Pacing Guides
  • Song sheets, professionally composed recordings
  • INDEX. Extensive list of all songs, activities, games with links
  • Teaching posters, game cards
  • Fabulous activities for fall—Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, etc.
  • Suggestions for programs and how to adapt your plans for these months full of interruptions such as holidays, field trips, etc.


Over 200 pages of Activities, Songs, and Assessments for Unit 2, Oct-Dec. Includes extensive directions for how to teach songs, K-4th grade. 4th grade plans can also be used with 5th graders!


Unit 2 is the second unit in a sequential 4-unit plan. This unit will also be included in a Curriculum Bundle upon completion of all 4 units. This bundle will provide any teacher, experienced or fresh out of college, with ALL of the resources needed to develop a solid program for elementary music students. Grade level and age-appropriate assessments for evaluating student progress. Five lesson plans for each grade for the second 9-week grading period, over 30 lessons! And great suggestions for programs!


The Resource INDEX is included for the many teachers who do not have access to books, recordings, and other materials. Links are provided so you can find everything you need!!


From Fall to Halloween to Thanksgiving to December, these lesson plans are based on the standards. Developed from being used 30 years in the classroom. Proven to be successful!!


To name just a few, activities include:

  • Bydlo—"Ox Cart"
  • Monster Story
  • Skin and Bones
  • In the Hall of the Mt. King
  • Rhythm stick activities, small group projects, pitch-matching games
  • Assessments
  • Dances, movement
  • Compare/contrast "Flight ’76" with "Flight of the Bumblebee"
  • "Stooping on the Window," art and language arts connections
  • "Jubilee," Hanukkah songs, Silent Night, and much more


NOTE: I used the 4th grade same lesson plans for 5th grade with only a few changes. My school district did not supply me with any materials or resources for 5th grade general music. Because of the wealth of materials in my 4th grade curriculum, I was never able to get to everything so it worked great. If you are looking for/needing separate plans for 5th grade, you may need to look elsewhere.


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Unit 3 will be available December 2023!


This is a 5-star item. 

Read previous reviews from educators—

Wanda W.

December 12, 2022

Rated 5 out of 5

Extremely satisfied

We are slowly starting a music program at our small school. We have limited resources and no curriculum. This has been so helpful with lesson planning and finding songs/activities that the students enjoy and ask to do again!


Brenda C. September 1, 2019

Extremely Satisfied 5.0

Very detailed lesson plans. An excellent resource.


Jessica W. October 16, 2020

Extremely satisfied 5.0

I have your previous version and have loved it. The updated version is great!

Elementary Music Unit 2 Lesson Plans

  • This item is a HUGE digital download. Be sure you have what you need to unzip this file. It works with both Mac and PC platforms. READ all the READ FIRST documents to help with organizing. Remember this contains materials, resources, and lesson plans for Unit 2—Oct., Nov., Dec.!  Contact me if you have problems–

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