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Unit 1 Elementary Music Lesson Plans

The Unit 1 Elementary Music Lesson Plans has everything you need to begin your year. The other three units will be available SOON and will provide you with the sequential and comprehensive lesson plans to establish the foundation for an educationally sound music education program for elementary students, K-5.


Easy-to-follow lesson plans for your first nine weeks of school. Based on the NAfME standards!


Includes grade level Pacing Guides and age-appropriate assessments for evaluating student progress. Download the FREE PREVIEW, Lessons 1-3.


Unit 1 has over 180 pages which include—

  • Seven lesson plans for each grade, K-4(5) for a 9-week grading period!
  • 94+ pages of extensive lesson plans,
  • 43+ pages of activities
  • 21 pages of songs and teaching posters.
  • Written and observation assessments
  • INDEX of resources with links to find all music, songs, and activities in the unit.
  • Helpful tips for new teachers.


Author's NOTE: Much of today's music curriculum is screen-based (Quaver, for example). I am a firm believer—

  • In eye-to-eye contact between students and teachers.
  • That students learn and retain knowledge best while being physically and mentally involved and challenged.
  • That technology is an important tool for enhancing, but not replacing, hands-on learning experiences.
  • In providing ALL students a safe and nurturing classroom environment where they can explore music from all cultures and ethnicities.
  • And finally, I believe in sharing my 30+ years of successful experiences in the classroom with teachers who desire the same for their students.

Unit 1 Elementary Music Lesson Plans

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