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The Great, Big, Enormous Turnip, K-1st


Use this fun Elementary Music activity and Elementary Music lesson plan in your elementary music class to teach character education, ELA standards, and music standards. Based on a classic folk tale and book by Alexei Tolstoy.


This activity is probably the craziest activity I ever did in my 30 years of teaching. Seriously!


When I first used this activity in my elementary music classes with kindergartners and first graders, I was a much younger person. And even then, I thought, this is, by far, the craziest thing I’ve ever done to myself with children. But they enjoyed it so much in kindergarten, they would ask for it again in 1st grade.


It’s one of those things you ask yourself, Why? And how do I stop? And I didn’t because it’s just so much fun, even for me.


This activity is also a part of my and is included in that bundle of lesson plans.


And now, I'm sharing it with YOU! I've retired so someone needs to carry the torch! If your arm still works after doing this fun story with your kids. Intrigued? Buy it! Try it!


Can be used by any K-1st grade classroom teacher, too. This activity is included in Elementary Music Lesson Plans, Unit 4 and also in the Elementary Music Curriculum for a Year Bundle.

The Great, Big, Enormous Turnip, K-1st

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