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Seven Jumps, High-Low Listening & Movement, K-1st


Elementary Music Movement Activity and Elementary Music Lesson Plan using the music, "Seven Jumps," to teach your students to be good listeners and respond to high and low cues in music.


Distinguishing between High and Low pitches is a difficult concept to teach. This activity is a great way to help students associate high-low movements with high-low pitches.


Students listen, move, and then freeze when they hear the violin, and then jump when they hear the "jumping sounds." Lots of fun because the music is tricky. Sources for finding the music is included. Also included is a colorful poster of the violin and lesson plans based on the standards.


This activity is also bundled with 2 other great movement activities—Movement Bundle, K-1st.

Seven Jumps, High-Low Listening & Movement, K-1st

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