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Rock-Paper-Scissors Game, 2nd and up


Classroom Manage Tool! Believe it or not, Rock-Paper-Scissors, used in this way, is a great game for students of all ages that you can use as part of your classroom management plan.


Use this game not only to teach steady beat but also to teach discipline and respect. Based on a Japanese folk song (notation included). And even though I used it following the standards for the Elementary Music Class this is an activity that all ages will enjoy while learning discipline and respect.


I developed a different and unusual way to play this game to teach the children at my school a fun game that demonstrates respect. The students played this game in the hallway, the cafeteria, while waiting for dismissal, etc.


The beauty of playing this game using these rules is that it is played in complete SILENCE! The students beg for this game and all I have to do is begin the music and they will scramble, silently, to find a partner. Let the other teachers in your school know how to play because they will love using it too.

Rock-Paper-Scissors Game, 2nd and up

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