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La Raspa Dance and Movement Activity, K-2nd

Elementary music activity and elementary music lesson plan using the music, "La Raspa."


Use the movement activity, music. and standards-based lesson plans to teach same/different sections, same/different phrases, the movements—leap, elbow swing, and AB form, K-2nd grade.


Fun dance! An activity that "grows" with your students as they love it year after year. Use these age appropriate activities to sequentially teach the standards for each grade. Introduce the end of kindergarten. Build on those skills in first grade and finally teach the double circle dance in 2nd grade. Students LOVE the familiar.


Mexican instrument and mariachi band posters included.


All activities based on the Standards for Elementary Music. Includes lesson plans and vocabulary words for all three grade levels.


Great activity to begin with your kindergarten classes, continue in first grade, and finally teach the actual folk dance to second graders. Use this activity to build on concepts and skills.


Have fun!!

La Raspa Dance and Movement Activity, K-2nd

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