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Humpty Dumpty Activity, Story, Song, K-1st

Great Elementary Music activity and Elementary Music Lesson Plan using the childhood favorite—Humpty Dumpty.


This product includes an elementary music activity with Lesson Plans, Story, and Song.


Just who was Humpty? What really happened? Use with K-1st to reinforce the Higher Order of Thinking Skills (HOTS), analyze, and respond to some very challenging questions about Humpty Dumpty found in Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains.


A poster of these skills has been included for you to post in your room.


This activity encourages your students to analyze and be creative. You will have so much fun with this activity that you'll include it every year in your plans. There are word cards for you as you help your students identify the characters and sequence of events.


Even though I used this in my elementary music classes, the first lesson that I have included would work in any kindergarten and first grade classroom and would be a great lesson for your teacher evaluation. I guarantee 100% focus and participation from your students!


The second lesson is for elementary music teachers but classroom teachers, you can use the two songs that are included, too! Work together and make those Connections!

Humpty Dumpty Activity, Story, Song, K-1st

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