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High-Low Powerpoint, Games, & Card Set, K-2nd


This Elementary Music activity and lesson plan includes a Powerpoint that can be used to teach high-low sounds and pitches in the Elementary Music class.


Teaching the concept of high and low is difficult and challenging. Students associate the words, high and low, with volume instead of pitch. They have been introduced to those words at home when told to turn that music DOWN!! Or "I can't hear it. Can you turn it up HIGHER?" Thus, those words are associated with dynamics instead of pitch!


These activities and Powerpoint will take students from what they know to being able to transfer that knowledge to a new concept of high and low sounds and then pitches. HOTS-Higher Order Thinking Skills.


In my method book, Teaching Music Reading Skills, I instruct teachers to begin with kindergartners by using high-low body movements that correspond to all sounds every chance they have. Use hand levels when singing songs and listening to music. Have students move high and low while listening to high-low sounds. After students have a solid foundation of these learning experiences, they will be ready to distinguish the finer nuances of melodic movement.


The activities found in this item will give you lots of ways to teach HIGH-LOW!

High-Low Powerpoint, Games, & Card Set, K-2nd

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