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Elementary Music Curriculum Bundle

NOTE: This 2020 version of the Curriculum Bundle is back by popular demand for a limited time only! Old individual units are no longer available. The NEW units and bundle will be available SOON!


Solid, standards-based yearly curriculum, Lesson Plans for the elementary music classroom for a fraction of the cost anywhere else. This music curriculum bundle includes weekly lesson plans, activities, and songs for K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades. And suggestions for 5th grade. Unbelievable resource!!


You will use these lesson plans year after year.


Please read this description CAREFULLY before purchasing to BE SURE this what you are looking for.


  • Plans for a year
  • Plans that are flexible
  • Plans that you will use and re-use for years to come
  • Why? Because they work!!


Before you purchase this BUNDLE, please check out the Preview and download the Free Unit 1 Lessons 1-3 item. These are great examples of how this Bundle has been designed and organized.


Many of the activities, songs, and music come from the MacMillan and Silver Burdett textbook series. However, an extensive INDEX is provided with each unit with substitutions for anything you might not have available that would also accomplish the purpose in the standards. Yes, it will take time and work to assemble all materials. But it will be worth it for years to come!! For the amazing low cost and rewards!


  • Method books included—Teaching Music Reading Skills, My First Recorder Book, Teacher Guide and Student Book
  • Flash card sets—Rhythm, Melody, Vocabulary, Symbol; Also movement, Loud-Soft, High-Low, Fast-Slow
  • Activity and Song Folders for each unit, 100s of pages
  • Games, Dances, Posters (song, composer, instrument, etc.)
  • Powerpoint presentations for many of the activities used in the lessons
  • Assessments for every unit


But BEST of all— 4 units of sequential, standards-based lesson plans. Over 150 lesson plans, K-4(5). Perfect for evaluations!


AMAZING VALUE! All of these items are also sold separately, Units alone are $28.50 each. Over $200 worth of materials. You can find more information in the individual descriptions.


NOTE: If, for any reason, you have problems opening this file, email me— This compressed file is huge!!

Elementary Music Curriculum Bundle

  • This item is a HUGE digital download. Be sure you have what you need to unzip this file. It works with both Mac and PC platforms. READ all the READ FIRST documents to help with organizing. Remember this contains a year's worth of materials!  Contact me if you have problems–

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