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Black History Month Bundle

Use these activities during Black History Month or any other time during the year. I taught the respect for all cultures all year. Don't just limit your teachable moments to one month!


"Follow the Drinking Gourd" is a song that will extend classroom teaching into the music classroom. 


Talk about codes, secret messages, danger, heroes, courage, and bravery. Use these activities to address the serious subjects of social justice, equality, and to encourage respect for others.


Encourage students to listen and analyze the song and story behind this song about the Underground Railroad.


"Stoopin' on the Window"

Wonderful way to integrate the arts—Elementary Music activity and Lesson plan to integrate the arts with the song, "Stoopin' on the Window." Involve your students in rich discussion, encourage HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills), and integrate the arts while making connections between music, cultures, and historical periods.


Fantastic activity for teacher evaluation! Use the painting, "A Midsummer Night in Harlem" to introduce the song and circle game, "Stoopin' on the Window."

Black History Month Bundle

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