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Activity Bundle for K-1st Grade

Five all-time favorites for the Elementary Music Class. Also great for reinforcing ELA standards. Great literature classics! Huge SAVINGS! Total if purchased separately = $30.


All of these activities and lesson plans are also included in the Elementary Music Curriculum for a Year Bundle with instructions for using sequentially.


Humpty Dumpty

  • Great Elementary Music activity and Elementary Music Lesson Plan using the childhood favorite—Humpty Dumpty.
  • This product includes an elementary music activity with Lesson Plans, Story, and Song.
  • Just who was Humpty? What really happened? Use with K-1st to reinforce the Higher Order of Thinking Skills (HOTS), analyze, and respond to some very challenging questions about Humpty Dumpty found in Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains.
  • This activity encourages your students to analyze and be creative. You will have so much fun with this activity that you'll include it every year in your plans.
  • Word Cards. There are word cards for you as you help your students identify the characters and sequence of events. Reinforce ELA standards.



  • This activity is probably the craziest activity I ever did in my 30 years of teaching. Seriously!
  • Use this fun elementary music activity and elementary music lesson plan in your elementary music class to teach character education, ELA standards, and music standards.
  • Based on classic folk tale and book by Alexei Tolstoy.


High-Low Scarecrow Game

  • Elementary Music activities and Lesson Plans to use to teach your K-1st grade students about high and low pitches.
  • Based on the Standards and labels and sorting reinforces reading skills.
  • Colorful graphics!
  • Help students make the transfer from things that are high and low around them to high and low sounds and pitches.
  • Tell the Sammy Scarecrow story, play the games, have the students dramatize and play instruments. Have FUN!!


Boa Constrictor

  • Your students will beg for this activity over and over. Your room will be filled with giggles and peals of laughter each time you do this fun activity.
  • Students pretend to be snakes as they "gobble up" their partner.
  • This Elementary Music Activity and elementary music Lesson Plan uses the Shel Silverstein poem, "Boa Constrictor," to encourage students to listen and improvise through movement what is happening in this hilarious poem.
  • Elementary music Standards-based lesson plan, Music and English Language Arts (ELA). You can find a fun recording of this on iTunes if you do not have access to it in the old MacMillan, Share the Music, series.


The Farmer in the Dell

  • Use this familiar song with Kindergartners and 1st graders to play the circle game and teach sequencing and elementary music reading skills for the music classroom and also the language arts class (important ELA standards).
  • Large motor skills—skipping.
  • Includes character cards with easy-to-read labels are included for the children to place in order according to the lyrics of the song. Pick the set that best fits your children.

Activity Bundle for K-1st Grade

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