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Curriculum planning—Begin thinking about next year. Looking at the standards and pacing guide. How to make long-range plans that not only meet the standards, are sequential, and provide a solid foundation of musical learning but are also fun for you and your students.

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Lesson plans—Learn how to create great lesson plans that address the standards and also meet everyone's criteria, including those of your principal and other school admin who are unfamiliar with music curriculum. How to integrate programs such as Quaver, Little Kids Rock, ukuleles effectively into your plans to enhance the quality of your personal method.


Evaluation process—Help with everything from the technical aspects of entering the data into GLADiS (or whatever process your district uses) to writing effective narratives. Also how to integrate the pre- and post-test data gathering into your lesson plans so you're not cramming at the last minute to figure out how to obtain those pre-videos/recordings.


Schedules—Are you drowning because of a lousy schedule? Are you seeing some of your students once each week and others twice, making for unequal instruction amounts of time within a grade level? For the 30 years I taught, I was in charge of the related arts schedule. And that was with all 6 principals. I will be glad to sit down with you, your team, and ultimately the principal and present a schedule that works for everyone. It is possible and believe me, when the principal sees it, he/she will be more than happy to turn over that responsibility. It's a time-consuming and thankless part of their job. And I haven't seen a schedule yet that I could not fix and that everyone, ultimately, agreed was best for the children.


Technology—Work on basic technology/computer skills, help with using Smart Board, creating a website, how to use Excel, PowerPoint presentations, effective online communication with parents and teachers, eNewsletters, electronic emails, using an iPod effectively and efficiently.


Classroom Management—Through observation, I can assess your strengths and weaknesses and give you strategies for implementing effective classroom management plans.


Other—Programs, rehearsals, Orff and/or Kodaly instruction, choral sound production with children,

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